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 Whether selling a home in Orlando or purchasing one, it is important to choose a winning team. At TC Orlando Homes the focus is on creating Thrilled Customers, after all that is what TC stands for.

Our customers are at the front of our name, the top of our minds, and it is a priority for us to guide them effectively in the process of buying or selling a home in Orlando.

Experience & Education

Eric shares the knowledge he has gained with many years of experience having sold hundreds of homes in just that last few years alone.

Educating his customers is an essential part of who he is. This ensures that whether you are buying or selling a home in Orlando you feel comfortable and confident with your decisions. You may be looking for a home outside of Orlando; maybe a home in the Gulf Coast, South Florida, North Florida, or the Panhandle. If so, we would love to point you in the right direction!

The agents at TC Orlando Homes know the market and its trends. They are continually educating themselves to make sure they best serve your needs

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Certain changes in life can seem daunting and overwhelming at first glance. This is especially the case when selling a home in Orlando. There are many things to consider, but with careful planning and execution, the process can be smooth and simple.

Putting trust in a well-established team of Realtors can make all the difference in the world. Selling a home in Orlando is an exciting time because of home values in the area! Eric Soto of TC Orlando homes and his team have a tremendous synergy of combined expertise in home sales coupled with knowledge of the Orlando area itself.

The TC Difference

One huge advantage is the fact that Eric Soto is an Active Broker who plays a huge role in day to day operations at TC Orlando Homes. This means by working with him and his staff, sellers have the protection, experience, and backing of the Broker during the process of selling a home in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

The staff at TC Orlando Homes will be with you every step of the way. They pride themselves in their impeccable communication and education skills. During the process of selling a home in Orlando, Eric and his team keep close and detailed communication with the seller during the process.

The Help You Need

Sellers can rest assured that someone is paying close attention to detail and keeping them on their list of priorities. Additionally, focus is made on educating sellers during the process of selling a home in Orlando. This added value helps buyers and sellers in the future through any circumstance.

Trying to sell a home without a Real Estate professional can lead to failure. Marketing the home as an individual can be quite expensive. In most cases, a yard sign purchased at the nearby hardware store won’t cut it. In many cases, signs like these yield minimum results if any. 

Selling a home in Orlando requires a professional with a vast network of buyers ready to purchase. TC Orlando Homes spares no expense when it comes to marketing to make the property being sold visible to as many potential buyers as possible. They also have the infrastructure in place and perfected for anyone selling a home in Orlando.



Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. It can seem more complicated than it is for a new homeowner than for the seasoned buyer. However, instead of contacting everyone that is selling a home in Orlando, its best to hire a Realtor or Active Broker. These professionals have access to the Multi Listing Service (MLS) and can narrow the search down and filter the search based on the buyer’s preferences. This will greatly reduce stress, time, and ultimately aggravation.

Because of how big of a decision buying a home is, its essential to be under the advisement of a proven and reputable company like TC Orlando Homes. Going at it alone without the guidance and expertise of someone in the industry is a scary endeavor. TC Orlando Homes has access to everyone selling a home in Orlando. Therefore, whatever the buyer is looking for, TC Orlando Homes has all tools and resources at their disposal to find it.

Experience is Everything

Another thing to consider is the future value of the home being purchased. Experienced Real Estate professionals have a keen eye for properties and their future. Many homeowners eventually decide to sell their home for various reasons (upgrade, job relocation, etc.) and need to know if the purchase made today will yield a return on their investment. 

Professionals like the staff at TC Orlando Homes know when selling a home in Orlando is advantageous and when it is not. Years of expertise and attention to detail is something you get when you hire TC. This is something that cannot be achieved via google search.

One of the most complicated and tedious transactions of the home buying process is the close. It is extremely important that a home buyer chooses a broker that uses a reputable title company during the closing process. The individual selling a home in Orlando will not always know if there are any issues with the ownership of the desired property for purchase. TC Homes only uses the most reputable title companies to assist the buyer during the closing process.




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