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Buying a Home

Find it, buy it, and move in!

Expect the highest level of professional guidance and in depth market knowledge to make a clear path to your goals. From advanced search parameters that automatically notify you within minutes of a new property of interest to my personal concierge services to preview properties on your behalf, I am here to serve.

When was your last real estate purchase? Our market has changed drastically in just the past couple years. If it was a recent purchase in another market, expect significant changes as well. Nationally, lending guidelines and required timeframes underwent significant changes as recently as October, 2015.
buying a home

Buying a Home Proof Of Funds/Financing

– Expect to show proof of funds or financing prior to or at the first showing appointment. Any offer you make will be accompanied by a copy of those documents. Our market has a notably higher percentage of cash deals than elsewhere. It’s alright to black out account numbers and many banking institutions will write a proof of funds letter for buyers who have notably more cash on hand than they are offering and don’t want to tip their hand. If financing, a pre-approval letter from a lender for the financed portion and proof of funds for the remaining balance will be required. The lender will advise of the anticipated time needed to close according to the product selected for your needs and eligibility. If you need assistance finding a lender say the word and I will send a list of trusted lenders that excel at excellent service.

Establish An Affordable Price Range

– You may know exactly what you want to spend. If not, determining price range is the next step. I strongly encourage complete consideration of household expense including taxes, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance if required or desired, and utility estimates as well as a planned reserve amount for maintenance and replacement of major components. I encourage buyers to own their home, not be owned by their home.

Searching & Learning –

I will present properties matching your expressed interests. I’ve worked with a young family that purchased the first home I showed them despite searching for months after the initial showing. Another purchased from out of state in just a few days trusting my professional opinion and personal home preview. I am often asked what to offer and if I personally think it’s a good deal. Buying a Home will challenge you to consider this: “If you bought this home, at this price, would you be happy waking up in it weeks from now?” We know we’ve found a possibility when you say yes! Remember, the seller has to agree to the offer and there are a number of steps to go, but this is a definite possibility. I suggest any offer made be contingent on satisfactory inspections.

Buying a Home: Your Offer Is Accepted

– Now is the time to obtain an insurance binder. This is Florida. If a named storm comes too close insurance companies stop writing policies, and you don’t want to have that destroy your deal. Insurance is required if financing, and as a cash buyer you’ll probably want to protect your investment too. Talk to your insurance agent or I can refer a few for more information. Also, inspection contingencies are on a timer and should be scheduled immediately upon seller acceptance of an offer. There may be a number of items requiring maintenance that are not apparent to the buyer or even known by the seller. Think of this as the first date around your significant other’s family. Are you still interested? If not, we need to act fast to have you released from the contract. If it really is love though…

Financing, Again?

– Now isn’t that romantic? I agree, it isn’t. Cash buyers are in the clear at this point. But if you are financing your home, please understand that a pre-approval is not an approval. Your lender will require an appraisal of the property very near to the time of closing. They are also likely to verify income and employment status again even if they’ve done it already. When all conditions of the loan are satisfied, you will be advised by your lender that you are clear to close.

Final Walkthrough & The Move! – A final walkthrough should be performed the day of closing to ensure the property’s condition is what you expected according to the contract and any repairs agreed upon. Did the seller leave that macrame chandelier you negotiated as part of the deal? If everything is operable and in place as expected, we’ll head to the closing table and make it yours! Be sure to update your address and switch on the utilities.