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Maya Cummings


Maya Cummings is dedicated to providing exceptional, professional, and comprehensive real estate services to her valued customers. She is highly skilled in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Luxury, and Investment Properties. As a Central Florida transplant, Maya loves to explore and share all that Florida has to offer! Like many of her customers coming from other areas, she easily understands their varying needs. Maya enjoys the process of helping her customers to find their dream home, sell their unique property or even locate a property that may not even be on the market and she takes every measure to ensure that all of her customer’s goals are achieved! Through her thorough, competent and experienced representation, Maya delivers impressive results as she serves her customer’s specific priorities and real estate goals. When working with sellers, she implements effective and resourceful marketing strategies that clearly accentuate each property’s specific features to stand out in the marketplace. 

Maya’s marketing presentation incorporates professional photography, video and aerial imagery, refined staging services, and extensive visibility in print and on Global Internet sites. When working with buyers, regardless of the time and effort it takes, she works to identify key opportunities that meet the buyers’ lifestyle requirements. Maya is highly skilled in helping her customers realize more equity by implementing effective strategies that will benefit her customers at the time of selling or position them for resale in the future.

Recognized for her integrity, insightful guidance, and accurate assessment, Maya is committed to providing her customers with a gratifying real estate experience. She provides timely communication by being attentive, accessible, and responding promptly to her customers. Her attention to detail, consistent follow-through, and determination to provide her customers with first-class service sets her apart.  Maya is a highly dedicated professional who through her informed and insightful expertise provides an unwavering depth of real estate representation.

Give her a call today, you will be THRILLED that you did!