A familiar sight after one decides to sell my home in Orlando

Top 10 Tips to Sell My Home in Orlando

by Sharon V. (Plymouth, FL)

Recently, my wonderful husband gave me a task. The task at hand was to find a good agent to list our home. At the time, this was our third home acquired and third sold. However, we were in a new area and only lived in this home for a half of a year. First I sat down to research candidates to sell my home in Orlando. Then, I diligently researched which aspects of the home were most important during the sales process. Some of these tips I already knew and implemented previously; some were new. My realtor suggested a few other things in addition to my previous experience and research. Here is the list I compiled as the top ten tips:

My List

  1. Clean – This seems obvious but it sure is one of the most important of them all. This had me double and triple checking before I went to sell my home in Orlando. Most just think of moping the floors, vacuuming, dusting, etc. However, things like shower tile grout, toilets, kitchen sinks, and tiny corners of the walls are just as important.
  1. Let the Light Shine – There is one thing I would have missed when I wanted to sell my home in Orlando. This one thing was to let the shades up and widows open while showing. While researching, I had read about what fresh air and natural sunlight makes us feel. Sunlight dappling the walls and the smell of fresh air makes potential buyers happy. And, of course we want them to be happy!

Don’t Stop Now…

  1. Good ‘Ol Curb Appeal – We’ve all heard this expression before and for good reason. As many researches have said, “first impressions are made within 7-30 seconds,” the same is to be said of homes. People will not even consider the inside unless the outside is appealing. When it was time for me to sell my home in Orlando, I had a horrible front yard landscape and a dirty driveway. My Realtor suggested I have some beds created with plants and trees. He also suggested I have my driveway pressure washed. I noticed how doing these things made my home almost come alive on the outside.
  1. Make Your Rooms Almost Bare – If you have ever noticed, luxury homes almost never have any clutter whatsoever; Its almost as if nobody even lives there. This was a major problem in our home before I decided to sell my home in Orlando. This was especially the case with our dining room table and mail. Coffee tables, end tables, counters, benches, and any other service should be empty of items. It is important to remove things such as: mail, magazines, napkins, packages, pens, pencils, shopping bags, toys, keys, and the list goes on and on.
  1. Maintenance – You would be surprised at how big a difference new light switch covers, outlet covers, blinds, switches, etc. make. This is a very inexpensive way to make your trim and other line accents pop. The home will have to be looked at by a Qualified Home Inspector for necessary repairs. But for now, the focus should be only on what the eyes can see. My husband made this suggestion before I found an agent to sell my home in Orlando and the difference was confirmed when we replaced these items; I could tell the difference right away!

Keep it Going..

  1. Smell – Face it, who can you think of that enjoys a foul odor? Nobody! Eventually, people become used to the smell over time so this can be difficult in some cases . Cleaning the home in one of the tips above will take care of some foul odors. However, there are some that just linger. Consult a good friend or family member; ask them to be honest about the smell of the home. If there is something like the smell of animals, food (strong spices), moisture, you can easily neutralize them. Simply implement a combination of air fresheners and keeping the window open for long periods of time. If you live in Ohio and it’s the dead of winter, leaving the window open may be another story. But, this is Florida!!!
  1. Remove Your Valuables – Trust these days is hard to come by. Putting your wallet in your pocket and not on the entry way table seems elementary to some. However, there are lots of us who love to trust people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt but often that is to our own peril. The wallet is obvious but be sure to really comb drawers, counters, tables, for valuables. This item will not result in a higher sale price but failure of its practice will result in a loss nonetheless.

You’re on a Roll…

  1. Empty those closets – Well, at least make them mostly empty. There is one thing that almost every buyer wants and that is more closet space! Even if you had to put your belongings into storage, create as much space in the closets as you possibly can. You are not being deceptive, you’re simply showing the buyer how much potential space they will have to store their stuff by eliminating yours.
  1. Sell the Kitchen – Before I approached an agent to sell my home in Orlando, I had already had two home sales under my belt. I was aware of how important the kitchen is when it comes to selling any home in any market in any neighborhood. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. Potential buyers will almost always try to negotiate the sale price down by $10,000 to $20,000 less than the listed price if the kitchen is dated (appliances, cabinets, and countertops). However, if you bite the bullet and spring for a kitchen remodel, you can guarantee to recoup most, if not all, of your investment.
  1. Mark it Down! Finally, when it comes time to list your home for sale, tell your realtor (if they don’t suggest it) to drop the list price by 1% – 5% below market value. I know it sounds risky but its one of the most effective tricks in the book! This maneuver will result in more bids which in turn will cause a bidding war up to, or even over, market value. When we went to sell my home in Orlando, we did just that and sold it for 5% over market!

Go the Extra Mile ..

My list is by now means the be all end all of tips and suggestions for selling a home in Orlando. One also must consider our local culture as well. The above list will be timeless no matter what is in style. So, in addition to the list above, one must consider the trends. Find out what sells in that area as far as style and mimic it with your renovations. As I am not a Realtor, just a consumer, it is important to consult with a professional before attempting to get your home ready to sell. This is what I did in addition to doing some minimal research myself.  If I had to sell my home in Orlando again, I would not change a thing!